Has your Horse been treated with Penicillin G Procaine?

Failure to comply with these procedures could result in a positive test.

Under certain conditions, quantitative analysis of a blood sample may be used as the basis for classification of a positive or negative with respect to procaine resulting from administration of penicillin G procaine products.

These conditions include:

The last administration of a product containing penicillin G procaine, at a dose up to 6 million IU, occurs at least 48 hours before the scheduled post time of the race for which the horse is entered.  Dosages above 6 million IU may require a longer withdrawal than 48 hours.

Approximate Detection Limits:

425 Hours (17.7 days) Intra Muscular
60 Hours (2.5 days) Oral
48 Hours (2 days) Topical

See the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency Schedule of Drugs 2006 for more information.

(It is stressed that these results are presented as guidelines only and should not be construed as absolute for every horse to which this drug is administered)

Please follow this procedure before your horse runs if your horse has been treated with Penicillin G Procaine.

  • Pick up a “Request for Quantitative Limit Analysis” form from the Test Barn.  The Chief Test Inspector or any of the Test Inspectors should be able to help you.  They are present in the test barn one hour prior to first post. 
  • Complete the form and deliver it to the Federally Authorized Test Inspectors in the Test Barn at least ½ hour (30 minutes) before the scheduled post time of the race you are entered in.
  • Bring $85.00 cash or cheque to the test barn if your horse is called to test.


The authorized Racing Forensics employees, contracted by the Federal Government - CPMA will draw the sample.