Lasix Administration in the Stall

Responsibilities and Rules

1. The trainer will be responsible for having an experienced handler in his employ to hold the horse when the EIPH team arrives. The trainer must complete a “Handler Authorization Form” if the handler is someone who is not employed full time by that trainer. As exercise riders and pony people are subcontractors they are considered to be self employed. These forms are available from a wall folder outside the HBPA office entitled “Handler Authorization Forms”. The trainer completes the form and gives it to the handler.  The handler then presents it to the EIPH Team upon arrival at the barn for Lasix Administration.

2. The half hour Lasix window starts 4 hours and 15 minutes prior to the race.  The handler must be present, with a halter and shank, at the horse's stall five minutes before the half hour injection period.  Do not leave the horse unattended until the team has administered lasix.  They are on a tight pre-determined schedule that uses the least time possible for travel and covers the most number of horses possible in the half hour period.

3. The EIPH team will make only one stop at a horse for a maximum of two minutes. If there is no handler present with the horse when the team arrives or if the handler cannot present the horse in the time allotted, or the handler does not work full time for the trainer (ie. Employee Understanding Form on file in the Commission Office) and the handler doesn’t have a “Handler Authorization Form” signed by the trainer, the injection will not be given. The stewards will be notified immediately of any missed injections and why. The horse will be scratched and the penalty for missed lasix is $300 for the first offence.

4. The official time will be that of the EIPH team.  The start time for the window is listed on the overnights.

5. Any trainer requesting a reduced dose of lasix must have the required form filled out signed and on hand to present to the lasix team as soon as they arrive at the barn.  They can be filled out any time after entries, and are available from a wall folder outside the HBPA office entitled “Reduced Dose of Lasix Request Form”.

6. It is the trainer’s responsibility to check the overnights and to report to the HBPA or the Commission Vet any horses missed as being lasix horses. When a trainer has a horse that has not raced at ASD but is on lasix they must follow the procedures to register it on the Manitoba Lasix Program (inquire at HBPA office)

7. Trainers who ship in each time to race  or trainers who change barns: it's the trainer's responsibility to notify the HBPA office or the EIPH team  before the start of that days schedule as to which stalls you occupy.  THE EIPH TEAM WILL NOT SEARCH FOR HORSES.

Updated March 2010