NEWS Updates

The Manitoba HBPA wishes to thank its membership and its staff for their generous support for the extremely successful Alyssa Selman fundraiser held at ASD on Sunday past. A huge debt of gratitude is also owed to Lori Mann and the staff of ASD for their efforts. At this point we are still awaiting word as to the exact amount of money raised from the social.

  All funds raised from that event as well as all donations made directly to the Toronto Dominion Bank, the Assiniboine Credit Union, the Access Credit Union, the Gofundme account, the horseman's bookkeeper , as well as any funds raised through eBay or otherwise, are monies which will be held in trust for Alyssa Selman.  Alyssa is the beneficiary of these funds. These trust funds will be distributed by the trustees of the funds,  in consultation with Alyssa, to help meet her needs. The trust will be managed solely for Alyssa's benefit. Trustees are required to act under a duty good faith and under an obligation of loyalty to the beneficiary. Dale Neuls and John Field, both members of the  Manitoba HBPA, are the trustees of the funds.    Alyssa may also be in receipt of funds by way of a policy of insurance written for the protection of jockeys in Canada. Such insurance policies are negotiated between the national race track association and the insurance company. The HBPA has no association with any such contract of insurance and no involvement or control of any insurance funds which may be payable in the event of an accident. Such would be a matter between Alyssa and the insurance company.   Thank you once again for your support for Alyssa Selman. Hers is a very worthy cause.    Dale Neuls, Member of the Board of Directors of the Manitoba HBPA  John Field, HBPA Member




Horsemen the 2015 Manitoba Thoroughbred magazine has arrived! Please pick up your copy from the HBPA office.


We are running a 50 day meet, primarily Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings, a couple of evening posts on Sunday, afternoon posts on Holidays. The meet will run May10 to September 7th, 2015


In December of 2013, TheManitoba Jockey Club held a joint press conference with Peguis First Nation to announce an exciting partnership which will see the land south of the grandstand developed into retail stores, two hotels and convention facilities.


This partnership will provide a much needed and very welcome infusion of financial support for Thoroughbred Horse Racing in Manitoba and we join the Manitoba Jockey Club and the Peguis First Nation in the celebration of this excellent news!